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From telling tales to wagging tails!

After 18 years of having my own PR business – I decided I wanted a complete change and to fulfil a lifelong ambition of working with animals.  I decided to combine two of my favourite things – dogs and the outdoors – and so, was born!

On 25th July 2016 I walked my first “client” – an adorable beagle called Peig - and the following day, I walked Peig and my second dog - a gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog called Holly!  I currently have over 30 beautiful doggies on my weekly walk schedule!

In September 2016, I had my first cat sitting booking minding two cheeky kitties – siblings Ziggy and Ally and their older housemate, Cyclops.  Sadly, Cyclops has passed on but I’m still lucky to care for Ziggy and Ally on a very regular basis. In total, I cat sit about 13 different cats throughout the year – all with their own distinctive purrsonality!

me and dogs Killiney.jpg
pic with Gran & dogs.JPG
Animal lover

I got my love of animals from my granny (not sure who to blame for my fashion sense!).  Pictured here are Gran and her dogs, me (in the fab patterned green trousers!), my brother Brendan and sister Darina.

Sammy Bren and me.jpg

My brother, Brendan, me and our gorgeous dog Sammy. Not taken today or yesterday!

Ally and Ziggy.jpg
Ziggy and Ally
Kilimanjaro 2008.jpg
Love of the outdoors

I have been a member of a hiking club – the CHA (Countrywide Hillwalkers Association) for 15 years now – joining to help me train for Kilimanjaro.  In October 2008, I summited Africa’s highest mountain as a charity fundraiser for Debra Ireland – one of my proudest personal achievements!

Peig has been featured in

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