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Dog walking - Walk, run, play, fun!

The enthusiastic greetings I get every day when I collect the dogs for their walks is why I do what I do!  They’re so happy to see me as I represent play time with their 4-legged friends, walking, running, chasing, sniffing and generally having fun!  The walks are fantastic for the doggies’ physical and mental wellbeing.

We do 2 group walks a day, Monday-Thursday (Adventure Hikes on Fridays) – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  We specialise in small groups as safety is our priority and also your dog gets the best of attention.  We have a maximum of 6 dogs on each walk – in some cases less, depending on the sizes and personalities of the dogs!  

Walk, run, play and fun is our philosophy – we want the doggies to burn off some of that energy and arrive home happy and tired!  We walk in places where the doggies can be let off lead - the beach or parks.


Please contact Grainne on 087 2459463 or email if you’re interested in our dog walks.

Meet & Greet / Trial Walk

When you contact us about walking your dog, we arrange a complimentary Meet & Greet where we can all get to know each other.  We’ll agree a trial group walk for your dog to make sure your dog is comfortable with the existing group of dogs and they with him/her.

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