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Adventure Hikes

So happy, in 2023, to introduce Adventure Hikes – 2 hours of fun, hiking in the mountains and countryside enjoying nature at its very best.  If you worry about your dog being bored, anxious and/or lonely when you’re not at home, these Hikes are for him/her!

You dog will burn off extra energy, get more exercise, revel in stimulating new sights and smells, swim and play with new and existing 4-legged pals!  He/she will arrive home, happy, calm and tired, their need for adventure satisfied and having being mentally and physically stimulated.

The hike price of €46 includes collection from your home, the 2 hour hike, water and snack breaks (sausages are very popular!), video & photos of your dog on the hike and towelling off the dog before dropping him/her home.

Please note : a maximum of 6 dogs is taken on each hike with my regular dogwalking clients getting first option to book.  Please email if you would like to chat about the hikes for your dog and/or get their name on the wait list.

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